Find A Storage Unit Size That Fits Your Needs

We know customers are in need of a variety of storage unit sizes. Whether you are moving a one-bedroom home or a four-bedroom, we accommodate all sizes!

Standard Units Will Have A Ceiling Height Of 8 Feet

  • 5’x10’ Only at 679 England Chapel Road location

  • This unit is 50 sqft

  • Looks like: Large walk-in closet

  • What will it fit: the contents of an average studio apartment

  • 10’x10’ Available at all locations except 4898 Bill Gardner Pkwy

  • This unit is 100 sqft

  • Looks like: Average Bedroom

  • What will it fit: the contents of a one-bedroom apartment

  • 10’x15’ Only at 679 English Chapel Location

  • This unit is 150 sqft

  • Looks like: A small one-car garage

  • What will it fit: the contents of a two-bedroom house or large apartment

  • 10’x20’ Available at all locations

  • This unit is 200 sqft

  • Looks like: Standard one-car garage

  • What will it fit: the contents of a two- to -three-bedroom house or full garage

  • 10’x25’ Only at the Jenkinsburg location

  • This unit is 250 sqft

  • looks like: One-car garage

  • What will fit: the contents of a three-bedroom house

Other Storage Unit Sizes:

  • 12’x30’  Only at Highway 42 and Locust Grove locations

  • 10’x40’  Only at Highway 42 location​

  • 8’x28’  Only at Locust Grove location (Exit 212 I-75 HWY)

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